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Felix was lost. How had he gotten here? He wasn't even underwater anymore. The surrounding pools of bubbling magma didn't look very inviting. He stood up, stumbling a bit as he did, and the surrounding cavern seemed to spin. It was getting hotter. And darker. And Felix really had to go to the bathroom.

"Fish Out Of Water" was drawn frame-by-frame using Photoshop's (very painful to use) animation tools. For this assignment, we were given a word to use as the basis for an environment, and an adjective to use as the basis for a character: I was given "subterranean" and "dizzy." Below you can see some concept art produced for the movie, where I was experimenting with different looks and color palettes for Felix and the cave.

For the final movie, I ended up going with more of a pastel look, to make Felix stand out more, and because I wanted to try something different than the "thick outlines with solid fills" I usually use. Plus, it adds to the hazy feeling of the cave.

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