The Pancake Chronicles are long, comic-book-style spoofs of superhero stories. There is an actual (and overly complicated) plot, so read them in order! The third book, The Pancake Redemption, has been "in progress" since 2006, but there is no consistent update schedule—new pages are added whenever they're done. If you want to stay up to date, sign up for the RSS feed!
The Pancake Legacy
The Pancake Legacy is the first of The Pancake Chronicles. It is the story of a boy who loves pancakes, a has-been superhero, an alien invasion, and a suspicious-looking cow. (Written and drawn in 2004)
The Pancake Vengeance
The Pancake Vengeance is the second of The Pancake Chronicles. It is the tale of a sad ghost, a boat-enthusiast vampire, a zombie uprising, and an assassin with bladder-control isses. (Written and drawn in 2005)
The Pancake Redemption
The Pancake Redemption is the third of The Pancake Chronicles. It is the legend of a mysterious French woman, a bankrobber with a paperbag on his head, a rigged presidential election, and a globe-trotting dog. (Written and drawn sporadically from 2006-present!)
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